A guy wakes up one day and finds that he has messed up. All of the hopes and dreams he had when he was younger seem to have gone by the wayside, and the future looms large and presents financial challenges that seem impossible to overcome.

If he holds to his old way of thinking, they are.

But what if he adopts A NEW WAY OF THINKING?!?

What if we simply examine the mistakes he has made, alter his behavior, and adopt a new plan?

In this short easy to read ebook, author Corey Jahnke shares his journey from financial failure to a future filled with bright, positive outcomes, and a present filled with hope and certainty. Check it out today, and learn how you too can reinvent your financial life and create a future filled with reached goals and satisfied dreams.


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What do you do when you've messed up you money and it feels like there is no way out?

I was 53 years old, broke, in debt, and suddenly and unexpectedly unemployed. The choices were clear. I could either wither and die, or I could take massive action, write a new plan, and reinvent my future. My family was counting on me to do the latter. There was a problem though. The market had changed in my profession, and my confidence had been put through the trash compactor. 

Having little more than the support of my wife and son, I set out to rebuild my life. Ironically, I learned an incredible secret. I was more powerful than I could have ever imagined. YOU ARE TOO!


With a gentle, but logical approach, I'll share with you the story of how I got back on my feet and I will give you the simple strategies it takes to THINK YOUR WAY to the best, most financially secure version of yourself and how you too can create a life of abundance for yourself and the people you love.

Available September 16, 2020

The Successful Thinker

In This Beautifully Written And Absolutely Heartwarming Parable, Author Corey Jahnke Weaves In The 7 Laws Of 21ST Century Leadership As He Tells The Story Of Cynthia, A Struggling District Manager Who Is An Eyelash From Being Fired And Desperate To Turn Things Around. Cynthia Isn't Sure What To Do Next, And When She Meets Her Surprise Mentor, Her World Is Turned Upside Down.

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