"I Can't Live Like This Anymore!!" 

If You Are A Medical Professional AND

Your Work-Life Balance Is A Raging Dumpster Fire,

You Need To Watch This Video:

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My Family Had Me Declared MIA

Here Is What Work Was Costing Me:

  • My Son Was Growing Up Without A Father
  • My Wife And I Were Non-Intimate Strangers
  • My Debts Were Expanding Exponentially
  • I Missed Dozens Of Important Events
  • I Was A Slave To Anxiety
  • My Health Was Circling The Drain
  • I Couldn't Stop Thinking About My Job
  • My Friends Stopped Looking For Me
  • Recreation Was Nonexistent
  • I Hated Myself And My Life A Little More Each Day
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My Boss Didn't Care About...

The Things You And I Face EVERY Day:

    1. High stress levels 
    2. Limited resources 
    3. High patient volume
    4. Emotional burden 
    5. Risk of infection 
    6. Administrative burden 
    7. Lack of work-life balance 
    8. Limited career growth opportunities 
    9. Inadequate compensation
    10. Long Work Hours 
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I Felt Like I Couldn't Breathe

I was trying to work with patients and I wanted to just disappear.

To Make Matters Even Worse, My Boss Wanted Me To Fire Two People Because HE Wanted A Bigger Bonus.
My blood pressure went up to 165/105 and my heart rate was over 100 and I couldn't get it back down.


Don't Let This Happen To YOU

I Was A Heart Attack Looking For A Place To Happen

I Didn't Realize How Bad It Was Until I Ended Up In The ER

So I'm Sitting There In The Emergency Room And My Doctor Friend Walks In And Says: "Corey, You Look Like Hell!!"

With Tears In My Eyes, I Blurted Out: "Mark, What Is Happening To Me?!?"

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I NEVER Dreamed This Could Happen To ME-EVER

I was like a bulldozer, plowing my way through life, until I couldn't.

When I left the hospital I was shaking like a leaf. I never experienced an anxiety attack before and I was a hot mess. It was the worst experience of my life!
I didn't want to live anymore. I wasn't suicidal, but I prayed I would just drop dead!

My Wrists Hurt So Badly From The Stress!!

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I Didn't Have A Clue How To Fix Things-Not Even Where To Start

And I Had No Leadership Skills To Speak Of, So It Wasn't Like Anyone Was Coming To My Rescue 

I remember going back to work with full blown anxiety and it was like walking from a horror film into a raging nightmare. My hands were shaking so hard I couldn't even write down a prescription. When I spoke on the phone, I could hear my own voice cracking. It was frightening!


I Went Home That Night And Said Awful, Hateful Things To My Wife, And Then Wept For Hours. I Was Ashamed-Deeply Ashamed

On top of the fear, doubt, guilt, worry, and overwhelm that had taken over my life I was wallowing in a pool of shame and self pity.

I totally hated myself and who I had become.

Let Me Help You Spring YOUR Mental Traps

As I Wandered Around My House Because I Couldn't Sleep, I Had An Unexpected "Come To Jesus" Moment

One Little Thought, QUITE UNEXPECTEDLY, Changed EVERYTHING For Me. Forever!

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But That Thought Alone Wasn't Enough-I Had To Develop Systems For Living

Companies Want Sustainable Sales And Predictable Profits.

But PEOPLE Need Sustainable Life Models Or We Jeopardize Our Safety And The Safety Of Our Families. This Has To Become A Non-Negotiable!

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I Even Wrote A Book About It!

The Thing About Creating Models For Sustainable Systems For Living Is You Need Help, Lot's Of Help. I Wrote "The Successful Thinker", And Created BossFire-The Renegade Solution, So You And I Can Find The Right People To Work With, In The Right Way, For Life!
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