#43 Surviving The Killing Fields With Sara Im

Season #2

Sara Im is a survivor of a Mass Genocide in Cambodia. She is an inspirational speaker and an author of an inspirational award-winning book “How I Survived the Killing Fields”. Sara operates a wellness business, Smart Healthy Living. Sara graduated from Western Connecticut State University. She is a founder and director of Christian Professionals Network of Tampa Bay. She is also a member of Women Speakers Association and Toastmasters International. Sara also co-hosts a weekly live show “A Thriving Conversation” on Facebook.

Sara speaks to inspire and empower her audience to overcome fear and anxiety to live a fulfilling life harmoniously. Sara enjoys sharing her impactful message at conferences, seminars, churches, schools, TV, Podcasts, radios and more. Sara lives in Florida and she just celebrated her 32 years of marriage. Sara has become an inspirational speaker, and an award-winning author of the book “How I Survived the Killing Fields”. Sara shares her impactful life experiences to inspire her audience to move beyond survival.

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