#42 The Maestro Monologue With Rob White

Season #2

Tom Brady Mastered This Skill - It Could Help You Too!

Topic Summary: It takes an incredible amount of dedication to reach the level of an elite athlete like Tom Brady, Venus Williams or Tiger Woods. How are these superstars able to get to the top of their craft – and stay there – for decades? Many people say such athletes are “driven to be a success” but what does that mean? Most of all, it means they have learned to block out distractions and ignore the internal voice that may be telling them they aren’t big enough, fast enough or strong enough to compete at an elite level. They have figured out early in their careers how to block that negative voice out every single day.

Author Rob White calls this negative voice “The Intruder” and says it is “an unwanted house guest inside our heads” in his new book “The Maestro Monologues.” He says we created The Intruder when we were toddlers because by the time we were two years old, we have heard the word “no” thousands of times. That voice of negativity stays with us into adulthood. “The Maestro Monologues” examines the part of your brain that wants to help you achieve your goals (The Maestro), as well as the negative part of your brain that wants to drag you down (The Intruder).

The book examines how to deal with the many automatic “voices” in our heads that cause us to act or delay action. “Elite athletes have mastered how to block The Intruder,” White says. “That enables them to reach heights the rest of us only dream about. While maybe we can’t all be elite athletes, mastering The Intruder can help anyone achieve their goals.” About Rob White: Rob White is an international best-selling author who has written four books. He has over 30 years of experience helping others to accurately understand themselves. He was a schoolteacher, a successful entrepreneur as a bi coastal real estate developer and restaurateur.

Rob was a regular columnist in the Huffington Post and is a sought-after speaker and guest lecturer, as well as a life coach. Along with lectures at Northeastern University, Bentley University, Emerson College, BC, Simmons University, and University of Massachusetts, he has led seminars and workshops for clients such as Ford Motor Company and Century 21

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