Learning To Trust Again: The Five Stages Of Post Betrayal Transformation With Dr. Debi Silber

Episode #36

If you’re ever experienced some form of betrayal, you would know how hard it is to learn how to trust other people again. But there is such a thing as post betrayal transformation (PBT) and it follows a definite healing process. Holistic psychologist, health, mindset, and personal development expert, and motivational speaker, Dr. Debi Silber spent much of her career studying this process to help people overcome what she calls “post betrayal syndrome.” Debi is the president and CEO of the PBT Institute. She is also a bestselling author who has just recently released her latest book, Trust Again. In this conversation with Corey Jahnke, she outlines the five distinct stages of PBT and explains where people usually get stuck. Do you think you have post betrayal syndrome? Listen in to learn how you can find out where you are in the process and how Debi’s programs can help you start in this transformative healing journey.

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