The Quest For Purpose: Living And Leading In One’s Life Journey With Dr. Ken Keis

Episode #37

Waking up hating what you do is such a waste of potential to live a greater life. When we live just to work without getting that feeling of fulfillment, our life becomes stagnant, which then affects us physically, emotionally, and mentally. Someone who is all about helping people move away from that, get clear on what they want to do, and start on a quest for their purpose is CEO of Consulting Resource Group International, Dr. Ken Keis. Together with host Corey Jahnke, they discuss in this episode the process of finding your life's purpose and really living and leading from an intentional space of embracing one's life journey. Living our passions and purpose not only benefits us, but it also enables us to offer the best we can to the world. Join Dr. Ken and Corey as they inspire and encourage you to find your purpose and live the best life you can.

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