7 Steps To Emotional Freedom

Episode #39

The power of the human mind is such that it has the potential to create your life for you. It is therefore in your best interest to take that power in your hands and use it to be able to live with emotional freedom. If you are a stuck healthcare professional, corporate executive or small business owner, chances are you have experienced the confidence erosion that comes from the day in day out demands of trying to do more with less. But what sets confidently successful people apart is that they are not even focusing in these things. Instead, they put their full attention to what they enjoy, what they do well and where they can add the most value to. In this episode, award-winning pharmacist of 30 years and bestselling author of "The Successful Thinker" Corey Jahnke shares his story of struggle and explains the 7 Steps of going from Mindfulness To Confidence that he uses and has coached thousands of people to use as well. Life can be simple; it is just us who complicate it. Listen in to learn how to break free of this mind slavery.

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