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The Successful Thinker: A Uniquely Simple Approach To 21st Century Leadership

Get ready to change your life by changing the way YOU think about leadership!

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In today's workplace, good people are hard to find, and even harder to keep. Managers and supervisors are stressed beyond all comprehension & the pressures are amplifying exponentially. In this short story about a Pharmacy District Manager named Cynthia, "The Successful Thinker" details a unique & mind bending philosophy about how to increase employee retention, decrease stress, and multiply positive results.
Grab a cup of coffee, carve out two hours this afternoon, and get ready to change your life by changing the way YOU think about leadership!

What People Are Saying:

The Successful Thinker is one of those books that catches hold of you on a contemplation level, then slides right into the psychological level, and keep you on your toes till you reach the "OH, this is what you mean!" level. Read it - if you're a manager, a boss, an employee - but don't stop with just reading it - look at yourself and make a determination that you are going to breath these lessons deeply. You'll be very glad you did.

Robert G. Arnold

This business fable exceeded my expectations. While the information wasn't novel to any student of leadership, it's presentation in story form caused it to stick in my mind for days. Inspirational and quick read.

Marla Saunders

For those seeking to improve their leadership and influence, you won't regret getting a copy. Whether you lead within corporate America, church, or family, Corey reveals gems of wisdom that differentiate true leaders from the wannabes. Read his book for the stories, embrace the seven laws for their effectiveness, and apply all of the lessons like your leadership life depends on it. BTW - take note of the recommended books within the book; all are over the top! The author reaffirms and shows how one person can make a difference.

Avid Reader