What Is A COVID-19 Staffing Agency?

Mar 02, 2022

The healthcare sector is the most severely impacted industry since the inception of COVID-19. While healthcare professionals are battling with rising unemployment rate and severe infection risks, the industry is experiencing a huge shortage of skilled workers. This is where the role of COVID-19 staffing agencies comes into play.


Since workers have been self-isolating due to the fear of contracting the virus, healthcare providers are struggling to stay operational. Staffing agencies help healthcare operators meet their employment needs by connecting them with eligible professionals.


A COVID staffing agency fills temporary, remote, and full-time positions at healthcare organizations. These help bridge the demand-supply gap and ensure a safe working environment for healthcare employees.


What jobs does a COVID staffing agency provide?


COVID-19 staffing agency provides a range of healthcare jobs for both skilled and entry-level workers. This includes professionals like certified and licensed nurses, direct support professionals, personal care assistants, among others.


The job profile of these workers mainly includes providing care and support to people affected directly or indirectly by COVID and assisting them with their needs. 


Benefits of staffing agencies for healthcare operators


Across the globe, healthcare operators are tremendously impacted due to the COVID-19 virus. While the demand for healthcare workers has spiked, the supply shows a major shortage.


Staffing agencies bridge this gap and provide various benefits to healthcare operators which include the following:


  •  These agencies conduct regular testing and monitoring of workers to ensure a negligible chance of COVID transmission.
  •  All workers provided to healthcare operators undergo background checks, receive basic training, and follow all safety regulations.
  •  COVID staffing agencies make sure that workers are not overworked, mentally exhausted, or unskilled for the role they are hired for.


What does a COVID staffing agency offer for workers?


During these uncertain times when unemployment is at its peak, a COVID staffing agency offers 2-to-6 weeks of continuous work to healthcare professionals. Workers can even seek full-time employment by negotiating payment rates with their operators.


These agencies also make sure that all workers receive personal protective equipment like masks, gloves, face shields, PPE kit, etc., from their providers. Professionals also get to avail compensation benefits if they contract COVID-19 during the job.


How much do COVID-19 staffing agencies pay?


COVID staffing agencies do not directly pay their workers. The rate of pay is decided by the healthcare organizations, which employ these workers. This differs from $25 to $50 per hour (or more), depending upon the role. Travel expenses, health insurance, and other benefits are also offered to temporary workers.

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