Leadership Strategies to Combat Burnout: A Corporate Executive's Guide

combating burnout Mar 20, 2023



Welcome to our 3 Part Blog Series  Leadership for Burned Out Corporate Executives!

In this post we'll explore the strategies needed to combat burnout while in a corporate executive role. We'll look at how to identify when you are starting to experience burnout, the sources of stress that contribute to burnout, and creative ways you can use to reduce your stress levels and maximize your energy.

Many and many a night I have walked out of work wondering, "How can I ever go back?" only to wake up the next day with a fresh perspective or a memory of someone whom it was a pleasure to serve the day before.
The essence of The Successful Thinker Philosophy is to examine the lousy story circulating in my head and change the script. You have power over your thoughts. I would encourage you to exercise that power!! In order to do that, I have found three crucial steps that all leaders must take if they want to establish a reasonable work-life balance while increasing their odds for success.

Step 1 - Identifying Burnout

Burnout can be hard to recognize, since it manifests itself in different ways from person to person. Some of the signs that you might be experiencing burnout include feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, increased cynicism or doubt about your job, and difficulty concentrating. If any of these symptoms sound familiar, then it's important for you to take steps now to address them before they become more serious.


Step 2 - Sources of Stress

In a corporate executive role, there are many sources of stress that can lead to burnout. Time pressures, competing demands from colleagues, or feeling constantly undervalued are all common contributors. It's important for you to take an honest look at which areas of your job might be causing the most strain so you can make effective changes going forward.


Step 3 - Reducing Stress Levels

You don't have to live with constant feelings of burnout forever! One way you can start reducing stress is by setting realistic goals and expectations. By breaking up major tasks into smaller pieces or working on one thing at a time instead of multitasking, you will feel more in control over what needs to be done each day. Planning ahead and scheduling regular breaks throughout the day will also help reduce stress levels significantly. Additionally, investing in yourself outside of work by practicing relaxation techniques or finding hobbies that bring joy back into your life are other crucial steps towards creating balance in your life as a corporate executive.



We hope this post has given insight into identifying and addressing common sources of stress leading up to burnout as a corporate executive. My website coreyjahnke.com offers further guidance on how you can reclaim control over stressful situations by implementing effective leadership strategies and building resiliency for future challenges that may arise.