Your CREATIVE Health Matters-What Is It And Why Should You Care?

spiritual health Jan 29, 2022


The day that turns your life around is the day the you realize that the purpose for living is creative expression.

Renowned author and expert marketer, Seth Godin put forth the thought that the only way to have a great idea is have lots and lots of ideas; most of which will be just plain wrong.

How would your life change if you realized that the Devine plan was to flood the world with people in a conscious attempt to flood the world with great ideas.

One idea generated at the right time and in the right place can alter the course of human health and benefit mankind in ways we cannot yet see.

Of course, the opposite is also true.

But, ironically, even wars have produced benefits in science and medicine that would otherwise have gone dark.

As individuals we can choose to use our incredible minds and unlimited imaginative powers for good, but most people hold their intuition and insights inside out of fear of ridicule.

The purpose of life is creative expression.

You have inside of you the same creative powers as Ford, Einstein, and Edison.

The difference is for a variety of reasons they chose to develop their cognitive potential and found out something few people understand.

Imagination and creative expression are learnable skills that anyone can master.

They are the skills that create life's most amazing miracle: FLOW



Flow is the magic that happens when you are working on or working with ideas and people who bring out your passions and make days pass in a state of our bliss.

Flow warps time and creates boundless energy.

Flow is when YOU are working on your major definite purpose.

Once you find your MDP (the reason you were born) life takes on an entirely new perspective.

You start to truly know who you are!

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